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The community ?

A strong community! Built on sharing knowledge and connecting people from all over the world and see their inspiration.



If you have any questions, the community is here to help you. Post it in the forum and the community will give you the best advice.


Your travels, your impressions, and your advice are a source of inspiration and progress. Submit your stories on the blog!


By booking, you give yourself the opportunity to meet wonderful people and learn from each other.

The promise of our team

Convinced that each of us is unique, we want to give visibility to people with strong history and skills. This is why the team is committed to doing their best to find you the best experiences on the other side of the world or near you!

A tailor-made adventure companion

The application will be available in the app store for everyone and free of charge.

Singles, couples, families, adventurers, explorers, solo travelers …

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Shared values

These three pillars are an integral part of the course of action that we apply daily within society but also on the platform directly.


The experiences encourage meetings for singles, couples, families, solo travelers. Thanks to the application, discovering, exploring, and learning by creating bonds is now within everyone’s reach.


We don’t teach you anything here, but our behavior greatly influences the climate and the seasons. We must therefore all act together and contribute to respecting our environment. A little bit every day!


An endangered value? We make it a point of honor to respect our neighbors and help them if necessary. This value is also valid in everyday life 😉

For your information

Cherry on top !

For each reservation completed, 1% of the sum will be donated to one of our partner associations for environmental protection.

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You know people around you who offer unique and authentic experiences? Then don’t miss our launch!

For each experience you propose, you will receive 5% FOR LIFE on each reservation made on your suggested experience or adventure. So why not suggest several? 😉

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